TrainingProtocol Security Partners interfaces with local and state law enforcement departments to complement their training needs.  In addition to law enforcement, our services are designed to support the training agenda of businesses, religious organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, the corporate world, and sports organizations.

The training credentials of our management team offer clients a catalogue of professionally designed classroom instruction opportunities. Our training compendium includes, but is not limited to the following topics for presentation:

  • Management and Supervision Training (1-3 days), for first line supervisors and company/organization directors.  Training is provided by Protocol CEO.
  • Leadership Training (1-3 days), for managers and executives.  Training is provided by Protocol CEO.
  • CPR/EMT Training
  • Hazardous Materials Recognition/Procedures
  • Administrative and Security Orientation
  • Police Officer and Security Guard Pre-Certification Instruction
  • Personnel, Physical, and Information Security
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Active Shooter / Active Threat Awareness Program
  • Risk Assessment

The executives of PROTOCOL and their agents have extensive experience in working with an expansive client base.  All representatives of PROTOCOL hold themselves to high standards, and take pride in knowing that we exceed expectations of our duties, in and out of the classroom.