Target Industries

Corporate Community

Corporate CommunityCorporate power operates most directly in economic terms, via decisions on investments, pricing, location, research, product design, employment opportunities, local and regional community affairs, and political activity.  The potential for pervasive problems associated with these business practices can be costly.  Protocol Security Partners offers compliance and regulatory solutions to the internal challenges facing many corporations.

The strengthening of business ethics begins with the corporation itself!  In furtherance of this fundamental obligation, Protocol is prepared to investigate and offer security recommendations to many internal organizational issues:

  • Overt, covert  investigation in areas such as executive/employee pre-employment screening
  • Fraud, theft, and embezzlement
  • Hidden or stolen assets
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employee misconduct
  • Workplace violence
  • Executive security and protection
  • Risk Assessment

External business threats can be countermanded by identifying a competitor or adversary’s initiatives and vulnerabilities.  Identifying risk, whether internal or external, demands customized solutions PROTOCOL is prepared to offer.


Insurance Fraud

Insurance FraudThe pervasive nature of fraud today is replete in the insurance business.  Protocol works with insurance companies and third party administrators on cases related to auto-insurance claims (collision and property); medical; life; disability; workers’ compensation; fire; property; and healthcare related practices.

  • Automobile Collision: Sudden Stop, Backing, Right-of-Way, Phantom Vehicle, Hit and Run, Paper Collision, Organized Ring, Medical Provider
  • Automobile Property: Faked Damages, Vehicle Theft, Vehicle Arson, Vandalism, Embezzlement
  • Medical: Inflated Billing, Disability, Food Contamination, Pharmacy, Dental
  • Life: Questionable Death, Suspicious/False Policy Application
  • Disability: Disability claims and Applications, Surveillance
  • Workers’ Compensation: Suspicious Employee Claim, Legal Provider, Medical Provider, Pharmacy, Uninsured Employers, Casualty
  • Fire: Commercial Damage, Arson for Hire, Residential Fire, Inflated Fire Loss
  • Property: Suspicious Theft, Property Theft from Vehicle, Agent/Broker, Vandalism
  • Healthcare: Embezzlement, Billing Fraud, Pharmacy, Disability Claims

PROTOCOL’S services include contestability issues, background checks, claim verification, compliance issues, settlement negotiations, expert witness testimony, and most importantly, investigative competency.


Security Services

Security ServicesThe importance of occupational security measures applicable to corporations, employees, government officials and/or agencies, national infrastructure, and private individuals cannot be minimized, especially in view of the global threat we face today.

PROTOCOL’S management team will provide our clients a diverse menu of services that will assist them in analysis, training, and planning of internal initiatives.  We will provide comprehensive, objective, written reviews and analysis of client facilities, including current security measures.  Our consulting service is designed to recommend more than traditional security plans.  Our security proposals, processes, and programs must be compatible with specific individual and/or facility needs.

Our services include:

  • Vetting of current employees for trustworthiness and alignment with business goals
  • Corporate Espionage Prevention
  • Crisis Management Preparedness
  • Workplace Violence
  • Problem Terminations
  • Labor Issues
  • Compliance Issues
  • Threat Assessments
  • Safety Training

PROTOCOL’S physical security component will also provide for assessments that include access control/intrusion systems, key and lock systems, fire detection systems, bomb threat plans, and closed circuit television systems.


Litigation Support

Litigation SupportOur investigative services can be critical in helping attorneys and paralegals establish facts integral to their caseloads thus serving as a cost effective means of augmenting a case via time efficiencies.  PROTOCOL clearly understands that criminal and civil investigations require attendant services such as witness locates, case-specific research, fraud examinations, witness and evidence security, and attorney and client travel security.

PROTOCOL’S investigative services division is comprised of retired professionals from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  We offer over a century of combined experience in investigations, criminal and civil.  Our full service investigative compendium is designed to support the legal challenges of attorneys, corporations, insurance companies, the medical community, and the public-at-large.  PROTOCOL has established partnerships with members of multiple law enforcement agencies, members of the legal community, and industry professionals, enabling us to provide a full range of services in support of our clients.

Our professional investigators will find the information and legally admissible evidence to support YOU, your FAMILY, and your BUSINESS!

Public/Private Sector Support Services

“A client’s best interest is our primary concern.”

Service Menu:

  • PrivacyDivorce, Infidelity, Pre-Marital Checks
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Domestic Violence Investigation and Protection
  • Restraining Order Enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Investigations
  • Witness Locates, Statements, and Protection
  • Expert Testimony
  • Estate Security and Property Management
  • Asset Searches

Lifestyle and evolving societal changes have demanded that we, more than ever, rely on factual information in support of our personal, family, business, and asset protection and needs.  The search for “TRUTH” is predicated on our pledge to our clients that we are custodians of their privacy and confidential requirements.