Corporate Profile

Protocol security partners has designed its portfolio of professional services for application to investigative demands, risk management consultations, training needs, and security solutions.

Protocol’s primary focus is to address and respond to the varying needs of our clients – law firms, insurance companies, corporations, governments, non-profit entities, and the public-at-large.  Our executive and operational team members are client-centric.  We pledge and provide uncompromising management support, timely and corrective problem resolution, and service initiatives that are fully adaptable to ever-changing client needs.

OUR OPERATIONAL PHILOSOPHY is guided by core values that include the highest standards in service reliability, integrity, and cost containment in our industry.  Our “protocols” embrace the ever-changing security risk exposures confronting our clients.

OUR WORK reflects our expertise in applying operational strategies that are customized on a case by case basis, thus maximizing successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters.

WE ARE COMMITTED to meet and exceed industry standards that mandate expert services, strong ethics, enduring relationships, discretion, and RESULTS.

The credentials, experience, and reputation of Protocol’s
executives are replete in the law enforcement community.