Active Shooter / Active Threat Awareness Program

An Active Shooter or Active Threat Scenario is different than any other natural disaster or emergency.

Active Shooter: an individual is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined & populated area, typically through the use of firearms.

Awareness and Preparedness are the keys to protecting:

  • Yourself
  • Your employees
  • Your visitors.

When Something Happens…What Do I Do?
There is usually no immediate police interdiction to stop a threat once it begins. The first reaction/first response will be from people not trained in armed conflict. People will have to RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT since they are the only ones with the capacity to react.


  • Awareness + Action = Prevention
  • How Can I Be Better Prepared?
  • Understanding Threats and Ideologies

Active Threats – Who & Why?

  • Workplace and School Shooter
  • Criminal Shooters
  • Ideological Shooter
  • Vengeance
  • World Order Change
  • Materialism
  • Religious Salvation

Workplace Violence

  • Behaviors
  • Offenders

Active Shooters – Threats & Behaviors

  • The “Insider” Threat
  • Who May Recognize the Threat?
  • Behaviors
  • The Copycat Effect
  • Motives
  • Social Media
  • Crime Prevention

How to Respond to an Active Shooter or Active Threat

  • A L I C E
  • Run – Hide – or Fight?
  • Countering Workplace Violence